Comics Publisher?

Tom’s Awards

Dear (ever tireless) comics publisher!
You’re right, this is just another competition. But there is nothing like becoming a glocal comics publisher hero… So, if you’re a real comics producer (even walking dead from time to time) you should definitely go for it! As you see, the special Awards for the Best Comics Book or Best Comics Magazine might be quite attractive. But the main Award means a financial reward when grabbing the Best Comics Publication category.

Best Comics Publication – main Award
This prize includes a financial reward of 999 EUR. Thomas Orrow will award the publisher’s prize personally.

Best Comics Book / Best Comics Magazine – special Awards
These prizes include special non-financial rewards.


Feel free to join in!
Comics books, comics art magazines, anthologies or even special types of publications can be submitted. As a publisher you may submit a maximum of 3 different publication titles, using the application form online (below) – for each publication separately. In any case use your English, please – we’re pretty cosmopolitan here! Please do not submit any publication which contains comics work already submitted by its author within this competition! The releasing date of publication may not be earlier than 2015. In general there are no other restrictions, e.g. on the range, number of authors, periodicity or original language of the publication. When the competition is over your publication will become a proud part of the Thomas Orrow Library!

Before you win

Stay cool or hurry up!
Your magic deadline is October 31st 2017! When uploading the publication preview, please bear in mind these technical parameters: Range: 10 pages (including the cover and tirage) / Digital Formats: pdf file (300 dpi, CMYK). Maximum file size is 90 Mb per file. Note that in addition to its digital preview also 3 identical physical copies of the publication title are requested. After submission, please send them also via post to the following address: Thomas Orrow Award 2017 – Kotolna / Strojarenska Street 3, 04001 Kosice / Slovakia, EU.

Application Form / Publisher


x The submission deadline is October 31st 2017. The winners will be notified via e-mail and officially announced on November 10th 2017, as well as on the competition’s website.
x The absolute winner for this category will receive a financial reward of 999 EUR. Each winner of a sub-category will receive a non-financial special reward. The competition jury will evaluate the overall quality standard of the publication and its contribution.
x The jury consists of experts from several European countries, and their names will be announced during the competition process. The competition is evaluated by the jury and its decisions are final.
x All the submitted publications will become part of the Thomas Orrow Library.

Terms & Conditions

x A comics publication which any publisher submits may not violate the rights of third parties. In order to participate, consent from the author or other rights owner may be requested.
x Each participant agrees that the submitted material may be published and be part of accompanying promotional material, after announcement by the organizers.
x The organizers have the exclusive right not to accept a submission, if it violates an ethical code in any way.
x The organizers undertake that the personal data of the participants will be used only for the purposes of this competition and will not be given to any third parties.
x The publishers’ copyrights remain intact. By submitting using the online form, the publisher agrees with the terms of the competition under the law of the Slovak Republic No. 618/2003 on copyright and copyright acts.