Just how things grow

The Thomas Orrow Award – Comics Competition 2017 has been established in the very far East of Slovakia by Mr. Thomas Orrow. His aim is to present the different genres of comic media via different channels, but mainly to promote the contemporary world of comics art. He thinks there should be more vivid support for comics artists of different kinds, for the experienced but also beginning ones. And he is interested in people who take care of comic creators and publish their works regularly too. There is a premise that everyone should be happy just watching how things grow. And so he does just that.

Thomas Orrow has run a specific comics book edition together with a couple of comics enthusiasts since 2013. From the very start he has worked with the Dive Buki publishing house, which is a smart creative unit based in Kosice, Slovakia.

A glocal comics hero!

A remarkable fact is that Thomas Orrow always repairs some disconnections between dream and reality. When still focused on the comic art field, he came up with the idea for an international Tom Orrow Comics Fest in the summer of 2016. The event took place in Kosice, at the ”steampunk“ art space called Kotolna (”Boiler-room“). The Tom Orrow Library is just another step towards extending the Slovak cultural context with the comics genre.

Once interviewed, Tom said that all he does is just “thinking about how to provoke to inspire”. Then he came up with the term “A glocal comic hero”. But everyone should look at his fridge, first… It seems he has got plenty of creative ideas but in the same way a lot of unworkable “bugs” in his mind. We’re just curious what he’s gonna hot up (or freeze) for the next time. For now and sure only one thing’s still not clear: who the hell is Tom Orrow anyway?